Catching up is hard to do

I've been bitten by the anti-blogging bug. Or I haven't been bitten by the blogging bug in a while. Had a great 4th of July weekend with canoing, grilling, and catching glimpses of fireworks from far away. The 4th is also sk's birthday, and we had a very relaxing day filled with ice cream cake and Curb Your Enthusiasm. We saw Spider-Man 2 over the weekend, and here's my four word review: don't believe the hype. We saw it at the brand new Carmike Theater in Corvallis. The theater is nice and new, but sterile and lacking personality. I'm looking forward to The Darkside.

I updated the design of ORblogs last Friday. Though it looks basically the same, there was quite a bit of CSS tinkering that went on. The texture for the sidebars is a modified Squidfingers 62. And I was inspired by the subtle use of shadows to offset the sidebars by I suddenly have a bunch of ideas I'd like to pursue for ORblogs—a new design has helped shake up my sense of what's possible there. I continue to be impressed by the quality of writing and coverage of all things Oregon by Oregonians. I learn something new about my state every day from local bloggers.

Webvisions is coming up in Portland on July 16th, and I'll see you there. I'm going to be speaking somewhere, sometime during the Open Source Convention coming up in Portland the week of July 26th. And an event at which I'd like to be a former-audience member—Dan Gillmor is going to be speaking about weblogs and Journalism at Powell's Tech on July 28th. The talk is called Grassroots Journalism By and For the People. Right on.
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