Weekend Hike

sk and I took the dog on an 8+ mile hike this weekend. The hike starts about a mile or so from our place, and it's nice that we can just walk out the front door and be in the woods in no time.

tree by the trail

The hike starts on flat, open ground and gradually climbs up. This gave us a good view of the fair going on at the fairgrounds. Saturday was also very clear, so we had a fairly rare look at the mountains to the east.

fair view

We also had a great view of Oregon State University and part of Corvallis from this trail. Here's a panoramic I stitched together (click for a larger version):

OSU pan

As the trail climbed up we eventually hit lots of trees.

trees and trees

We stopped quite a few times to rest and give Luna some water.

luna gets a grape

We gave Luna a few grapes, but found out after our trip that you're never supposed to give dogs grapes—it can cause kidney failure. So don't give your dog grapes like we did! Luckly, she's just fine and wasn't bothered by them.

luna and sk

As always, Luna was ecstatic on this hike. She was a tired dog when we got home.

luna sleeping
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