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Last November 3rd I mentioned that, "'s time to eliminate the [television] from my daily life as much as possible." If you're following along at home, you might want to hear how it's going. I'm down to an average of one hour a day. I get almost all of my news online, so I don't feel any less informed. Now I'm not even watching "good" progams I used to love like News Hour, Frontline, and Nova. (My one hour/day is mostly The Daily Show, South Park, and some McLaughlin Group on the weekend.) sk and I recently removed the television from our bedroom—which was tough because we were both used to falling asleep with some background noise. But that has drastically cut down the remaining daily TV time.

I may be compensating in other ways, though, because I picked up a nasty PlayStation 2 habit in the last couple of months. ;) Ahh well, at least the experiment in cutting out television programming has been a smashing success. It may even be time to go completely off the tv grid and cut the cable cord. At least that idea doesn't seem impossible now.


yay! hang in there! I gave up cable tv in September and now only turn the set on to watch DVDs. It's doable. If I can, then you can too.

I have to admit, though, that I do miss The Daily Show...
The McLaughlin Group? I thought you were on the leftie side.

Yeah, I do tend to agree with Lawrence O'Donnell and Eleanor Clift more than Pat Buchanan and the other guy. I find the show pretty insightful for a pundit kind of show, and I think John McLaughlin is funny in an entertaining way.
Speaking as a conservative, I find him a great embarrassment. Shouting at the top of your lungs doesnââât convince anyone of the rightness of your position.

Good move. Though I can consider myself lucky if I can watch TV an hour per week. I even still have some DVDs bought last Christmas that have yet to be watched.

I need to slow down.
Thanks for the support, yeah I feel pretty lucky that I even have time for an hour a day.

Hope, I've found that if there's one thing TV can't be, it's subtle. I don't think you can expect complexity or nuance out of the box. That's one of the main reasons I'm tuning out.

"because I picked up a nasty PlayStation 2 habit"

If you ever decide to quit cold-turkey, send that thing over to me!
Lia, What's your address? ;)

I hate that thing.
I threw out my TV (literally) nearly two years ago, and the improvement in my life for my family has been astounding.

I urge everyone to "just do it". TV spews lies and you can get better ones on the Net ;-)

Joking aside, I find a far greater range of news sources online. Current favs are:

Here's some really fun toys to automatically turn off TVs in bars, stores and friends houses:

And a great anti-TV site:


Paul: We are not living in the age of subtlety. But you knew that, no doubt.

Rob: Is it ethical to turn out the devices of other people in public places?

The BBC is a great resource but very mcuh biased against the US.

Hope, we'll just have to do our best to bring some subtlety to our age then. ;)

I like the BBC too, but I don't find that it has an anti-American bias. The BBC offers some alternative perspectives to our current administration, but I don't think that could be considered anti-American.

Paul-- Here is W.S. Gilbert on subtlety:

If you wish in the world to advance, Your merits you're bound to enhance, You must stir it and stump it,
And blow your own trumpet,
Or, trust me, you haven't a chance!

Well, you arenââât listening to the BBC with conservative ears and attitudes.


And with that, I believe we've covered my television consumption changes and beyond.

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