WAP Emulator?

Anyone out there know of a simple, easy-to-use WAP emulator that works with Yahoo! Mobile? I'm trying to get some screenshots for Yahoo! Hacks, and I've tried a bunch of different emulators. The Yospace Emulator has been the easiest to use, but it doesn't seem to support Yahoo!'s cookies—I can't log in. I've registered and installed about five different Nokia developer kits, and still can't figure out how to fire up their emulator. My own phone, the Sony Ericsson s710 has a fantastic browser, but I can't find an emulator for it—and the T610 emulator errors out when connecting to Yahoo!

Ideally it'd be nice to find an emulator that would also be able to receive SMS messages as well, but I'd be thrilled with a simple WAP emulator that works. If you have any ideas, please send them my way. Thanks!

Update: I may have to resort to actual photos of my s710:

Y! News Screenshot

Update 2: A big thanks to AJ for recommending the Openwave Simulator! I can log in at Yahoo! with this emulator, and I think it'll work well for screenshots.
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