My Public Week

Had a busy week—talked with Lisa Ede's Language, Technology, and Culture class yesterday about technology and the Web in general. I'm used to talking with fellow Web geeks so I was nervous about talking with English students. But I think I worried for no reason. There were a bunch of great questions after my presentation, and I heard some of their seminar paper topics—they're working on some very challenging topics related to technology.

Today Jennifer Winters from KVAL in Eugene stopped by to talk about weblogs. She's putting together a two-part story about blogs that will air sometime next week. We talked a little about the history of Blogger, and quite a bit about ORblogs. I know she also talked with Lisa Ede and some of the students in her class. I'm looking forward to seeing the story they put together.

And now I can go back to being a hermit for a while.
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