Pride and Prejudice Movie

Yesterday I secured a copy of True Crime: New York City for the xbox and was just getting settled in a for an evening of shooting and car crashes in the back alleys of New York when sk asked if I wanted to go to the new Pride and Prejudice film. I started weighing 1800's England dialog and manners vs. modern New York explosions and gunfire. I knew this film was going to be the ultimate chick flick, probably like watching an entire marathon of Hugh Grant movies. I couldn't think of anything more tedious, and there was virtual killin' to be done. Some intense negotiations followed, and long story short I found myself in line at the theater behind hordes of "girls night out" crowds fighting for tickets.

The theater was packed, and I have to reluctantly admit that the film was entertaining. I haven't read Pride and Prejudice—or any Jane Austen—but it's one of sk's favorite books. I didn't know the characters or the story, but Pride and Prejudice is so archetypal that it was all very familiar. I'm not a big fan of period films, but this one had a grit of reality to the settings and costumes that was fun to watch. (It was no Barry Lyndon, but seemed a bit better than those films where everything is shiny & new.) It was also interesting watching the way class distinctions were portrayed in the film, and seemed a bit more authentic than similar films. But the ending had a very Sixteen Candles sort of feel, and sk assured me this was a Hollywood invention and not part of the novel. So I enjoyed the film even though I was dragged to it, and now I'll have a better sense of what it means when sk drops "Mr. Darcy" and other Pride and Prejudice references into casual conversation. Now if I can just get sk to go on a few missions in True Crime, we'll really be sharing.
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