Bloglines filtering

If you subscribe to any of my RSS feeds in Bloglines you might be wondering why images aren't appearing in my posts there. Well, onfocus is a common JavaScript function and Bloglines changes any instances of onfocus appearing in a link tag to nofocus to prevent cross-site scripting attacks. Unfortunately, that means all of my image URLs are pointing to at Bloglines, and of course my images aren't at that domain. I knew choosing a geeky domain name would eventually come back to haunt me. ;)

I sent an email to Bloglines support explaining the issue, and hopefully they'll be able to make an exception for my feeds.

Update: Bloglines asked me to find a workaround, and they say they're still looking into it. I guess I could host all of my images at another domain, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a domain. oh well, I suppose this is an odd problem for them.
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