New onfocus design, finally

I redesigned onfocus in March 2002. Since then, I haven't touched the design except for a few tweaks here and there. This site was way past due for a change, and this is the new look. If you're reading this in your newsreader, you'll have to click to see the new onfocus design in red, white, and black. I still have to work on the sub-pages, but I thought getting the weblog moved over would be a good start.
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Looks great, Paul!
Thanks, Brad!
Whoa. New, but still with that clean, happy pb aesthetic. :D
thumbs up!
Hear, hear, Paul. Looks great and is eminently usable.

(And thanks for pointing this out in an actual post. Since I subscribe to your feed, it would otherwise have missed it for some time.)
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