Gift Idea for new digital photographers

O'Reilly just published a digital media gift guide via press release, and it includes a bunch of great books for the MP3 and digital photo crowd. But they left out one item, imho. (Warning, what is about to follow is blatant self-promotion—but I still think it's a good idea.) If someone you know is getting a new digital camera (or receiving a digital camera or cameraphone for the first time), give them the ultimate accessories: a Flickr Pro account and a copy of Flickr Hacks. Digital cameras should ship with some sort of pipeline to Flickr. And until they do, you can encourage sharing with the account and get them up to speed with almost everything Flickr can do with the book. (This is my own digital media press release.)

And speaking of Flickr Hacks, co-author Jim Bumgardner recently joined Yahoo. He'll be doing his brand of audio and visual Flash hackery for Yahoo Music. Congrats, Jim! (And Yahoo!)

Update (12/18): Flickr added a Flickr Gifts page, and Paul Stamitiou put together a Flickr Gift Guide for the Flickrist in your life. (Alas, no mention of Flickr Hacks—but you know better!)
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