My Year in Cities, 2006

Kottke did it, and here I go. 2006 was an interesting year for me because it was the first time I traveled outside of North America. International travel gave me a new perspective on the US that's hard to describe. I came back both loving it more, and wanting it to be more. (But that's a topic for another post.) Anyway, here's my list of cities I visited in 2006:

Corvallis, OR (Home)
Nelson, New Zealand
Kaikoura, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand
Queenstown, New Zealand
Te Anau, New Zealand
San Diego, CA
New York City, NY
New Paltz, NY
Bend, OR *
Newport, OR *
Portland, OR *
Lincoln, NE
San Francisco, CA
Sebastopol, CA

As the rules state: one or more nights spent in each place. Those cities marked with an * were visited multiple times on non-consecutive days.

I don't have any international travel planned for the foreseeable future, but I'd like to make it back to New Zealand someday.
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