My Singluarity is Near, and Catching Up

I've been silent on this blog lately, and it's only been alive thanks to the steady drip of my links that are posted automatically with a Perl script. I was joking around on Twitter the other day that I'm having a blogdentity crisis (ugh, sorry) and it's definitely true.

The last burst of activity here was in February when I did a series of posts about Going Off the Flickr Grid. I haven't done much since then with the project, beyond another implementation of the code (with heavy modifications for group posting and commenting) over at ORblogs: ORblogs Photos. (By the way, ORblogs turned four years old yesterday.) I still have a long to-do list for OTFG, but now that the code is working well enough for me to share photos here, I'm not as motivated to continue developing it.

At the beginning of May I started more sustained work behind the scenes at Metafilter, and that's going well. I don't want to blog about all of the nitty-gritty details of what I'm doing there, so I haven't been posting about that. But in the past month I've been able to help build some new features for the site, and I've learned more about ColdFusion than I ever thought I would. I still have to look up little syntax things, but I noticed the other day that I'm thinking in CF first.

The real reason this site has been so quiet is that sk and I are morphing from normal people to parents. Our due date is in October, and I've been working on Figuring Everything Out before then. I'm not going to turn onfocus into a parenting blog, or even an expecting-parent blog, so I'm afraid the silence will continue for a while. I'm reading/learning about pregnancy and birth with its own vocabulary, culture, and mountain of knowledge to absorb. And looking ahead to post-birth has me re-evaluating myself, the world, and my relationship with everything in it—not the kind of stuff that's easy to convey in the short space of weblog posts.

So even though things are quiet here, this is an exciting time for both me and sk. And I'm sure I'll be able to blend my new parenting role with my old (ugh) blogdentity eventually. It'll just take some time.
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Talk about burying the lede! Congratulations to you both.
Congratulations, Paul!
Congratulations, wonderful news - everything in your lives is about to change, in the best possible way. Also, 'blogdentity'? Ugh.
October 14 would be a good day to have the baby. ;)

And don't worry. My first one is going to be 2 in a few weeks. It is an awesome experience, watching them go from drooling all over themselves ( ) to walking around and exploring their world ( ). I wouldn't trade this for anything.
Thanks everyone. Chester, I'll see what I can do about the 14th.
Hooray! Have you considered naming your child "The Permalink"?

Seriously, congrats. :)
Congratulations Paul! Big changes ahead.

Store up some sleep and go out to the movies while you can.
Congratulations! That's huge news, and the life-changing/re-evaluating will not stop anytime soon. It's a good process, though. Best wishes to you, all three.
Hi Paul,
I'm thrilled to learn that you're going to become parents--congrats!

I'm just now reading this, congratulations Paul! That's fantastic!
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