Link Roundup: Random

pffft. pffft. Is this thing on? 1, 2, 3, test.
  • NYT Slideshow: What's Your Sign?, a look at the new highway sign font ClearviewHwy.
  • 5 Regular Expressions Every Web Programmer Should Know.
  • Birthdays Without Pressure is a site by parents who want to downsize birthday parties. It's nice to see like-minded parents using the web to organize against their children. I mean someone has to stand up to big children, they're a powerful lobby.
  • pastebin is a site for sharing/debugging code with a group.
  • Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped fame is working on a Google Office Hacks book for O'Reilly.
  • Desktoptopia is a cool little Mac application that sets a desktop background from their pool of images. You can rate or block any background you don't like. It's been buggy for me (crashing on start), and I wish the collaborative filtering was a bit more transparent (a la public ratings), but this is a great start on a fun idea.
  • Wikipedia image: Broadway tower. Love this photo.
Here are a few parenting blogs that have made it into my regular rotation:
  • Daddy Types - the weblog for new dads.
  • Geekdad - Lego projects and occasionally other stuff. part of Wired blogs.
  • Nested - hip kid products + commentary.
  • Nesting - more hip kid products + design commentary.
  • yokiddo - even more hip kid products (with little commentary), by David Galbraith.
  • Parent Hacks - shared parenting tips.
On review, I think I should subscribe to some frugal-parenting blogs. Most of these are heavily stuff-oriented. Being a new parent does put you in a new class of consumer, but there's a lot more to learn than what stuff is available to buy. The parenting blog search will continue. I also subscribe to posts tagged with parenting at Ask Metafilter. I've found a ton of seemingly useful parenting advice on Ask Metafilter, and I'll try to include some examples in my next post.

This has been a not-too-organized link dump. Until next time, as you were.
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