New Look!

This site has a new look! I had some rare free time last Sunday morning so I changed the colors and made up a new header image. I haven't been posting much here beyond my delicious bookmarks, but I'm hoping this new look will help motivate me to post more.

Here's roughly how it worked. I started with the Sea of Japan palette at Color Lovers:

Sea of Japan palette

Then I flipped through a couple design books and stock art for inspiration. Here are a few that were sources for the new look:

Ibys Logo
IBYS Logo, c. 1929, Euro Deco

Sociedad Anonima Mariano Vila Letterhead
Sociedad Anonima Mariano Vila letterhead, 1933, Euro Deco

Lighthouse Matchbox
Indian Matchbox, Matchbox Labels

I also stumbled on an antique compass image I liked in a Google Image search. Then I threw all of these into a blender, added Futura, and pow—new header. So thanks to those sites, books, and designers for inspiration. I'm not sure how this will get me blogging again but at least this is a non-automated post.
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