Posts from September 2010

  • Nice program for moving shows off of TiVo, converting for devices, and adding to iTunes. Works very well with my old Series 2. [via joshua]
  • "It's easy to say all of our choices and all the aspects of our identity can be shared if we don't face any serious social or personal consequences for doing so." [via jessamyn]
  • Bloglines is shutting down and people are leaving Google Reader in droves. [via pkedrosky on Twitter via my social netw...OH, I see what's happening.]
  • Turn any Flickr RSS feed into The Big Picture by resizing the photos from Small to Large. I have my issues with Yahoo Pipes and their agressive scraping, but I have to admit this does make viewing Flickr photos with Google Reader fun.

Mod Peanuts

This Peanuts Sunday strip from 1953 has some nice modern furniture in the last panel.

Peanuts Furniture

I didn't picture Charlie Brown's parents as Eames fans, but Schulz must have been. And what in the world is a "record"? [via Roasted Peanuts]

YouTube Favorite: How a Watch Works

This is a great industrial film by Jam Handy for Hamilton Watch Company in 1949. It explains the mechanics of a wind-up watch. If they were making it today they might call it F*cking Watches, How Do They Work? [via Hodinkee]