Support MLKSHK!

Remember when the Web was about people making cool stuff and no one knew about it except a couple hundred of us nerds? We had a blast finding each other, our ranks grew, and then the normals moved in. Corporations started buying up the things we built and that was ok. More people on the Web means more of us can work on the Web and earn a living at it.

The independent Web is still out there though, and it needs people supporting it. If you like web applications that are built by people who love the Web, check out the image sharing community MLKSHK. It's fun. I'm a big fan and supporter. Amber and Andre need some help to keep it running so I'm spreading the word. It's also in my self-interest—I don't want MLKSHK to go away.

If you already use Flickr or Picasa or some other image sharing service, that's great. So do I. MLKSHK is less about original photography or the tech (though that is good) and more about the community of people using it to share cool things they find. So that's my pitch: check it out. If you like it, considering supporting it. The Web still needs indie corners where fun things happen.
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