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Remeber RSS feeds? They still work! You can use this form to create a feed with Amazon search results and then subscribe to see new items that appear there over time. This helps you stay on top of the latest products for sale at Amazon without visiting Amazon and re-running the same search all the time.

How do you subscribe? Copy the feed URL and add it to a newsreader or have updates sent via email with IFTTT.

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Q: I don't get it!
A: That's ok! This is a nerd tool for RSS nerds.

Q: I want to be an RSS nerd, can I?
A: Sure! An RSS feed is a specially formatted file that contains text and links. Feeds are meant to be read by computers rather than humans, and they're used to move information around the Web. You can subscribe to a feed with a program called a newsreader (sometimes called a news aggregator). You can use Amazon feeds to track and stay up-to-date with categories of products. For example, if you like Jason Statham movies you can subscribe to an Amazon feed that lists his latest movies and any new releases will appear in your newsreader. From there you can click to get more detailed information about that new product. If you made it through that paragraph you are officially an RSS nerd, welcome!

Q: Does Amazon offer RSS feeds on its site?
A: Yes, but not for search results. If you browse to a specific category within Best Sellers or Movers & Shakers, you'll find a feed link for that category at the bottom of the page. Look for the orange feed icon.

Q: How is this put together?
A: The data is gathered from Amazon using their Product Advertising API. This code is a node.js application using the excellent amazon-product-api and rss packages. You can view/copy/fork the code here: amafeed.

Q: Wait a minute, is this some sort of profit deal?
A: Not really. I use my Amazon affiliate tag in the feed links. If you follow a link and then buy something I make a tiny fraction of the sale. Past performance indicates that I don't make enough to cover the cost of hosting it. But if this becomes the next Facebook, who knows? Tell your friends!

Q: My question isn't listed here, how can I get more info?
A: Send me an email and I'll get back to you.