lassen national park

Two hikes at Lassen Volcanic National Park. One with lots of snow and several lakes, the other with a spectacular waterfall.

Things are pretty crazy at the sulfer works

steam escaping from the ground

skp, pascal, and preston admiring the view somewhere inside the park

hiking day 1: Where do you think the trail is?

hiking in snow

snow obscured the trail, so we tried to use the map to make sure we were close

maggie, lane, and courtney having fun in the snow

the first lake we saw was iced over

courtney, meg, and bryan reading the map and surveying the terrain from a high vantage point

one of many lakes along the trail

clear mountain water

meanwhile, back at the cabin

hiking day 2: it's never a good omen when the trailhead sign is in snow, next to a fallen tree

but the trail was mostly clear

three streams converge at this waterfall

looking for a way to cross

the top of the falls and the river below

another view of the rushing water