alaska part 1

A trip to Alaska via the Inside Passage.

Alcatraz from the deck

a bit of the San Francisco skyline

seemingly infinite wake

a tender that shuttles people to shore

a landing at Juneau

the Mendenhall Glacier

the Mendenhall Glacier in perspective

the White Pass railroad at Skagway

entering the Tracy Arm of Holkham Bay

the ice is so compressed that the oxygen is squeezed out...that has something to do with why the ice is blue

harbor seals - we saw hundreds lying on icebergs in one area

the south Sawyer Glacier

preston and tom shooting the gap (near Ketchikan)

skp enjoying the glassy inlet

we saw bald eagles from the kayaks (and they saw us)

back at the dock

Creek Street in Ketchikan

early morning fishing

the Parliament Building in Victoria

a scene at the miniature museum in Victoria

Macaws at the Crystal Garden

from the butterfly room at the Crystal Garden

a Crystal Garden monkey

the trees march all the way to the coastline

the San Francisco Fire Department showing off