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"Today, Firefox is enabling encrypted DNS over HTTPS by default in the US..."
So strange to see a tech company put energy into consumer privacy but I’ll take it.
I keep trying to switch to Firefox because it's not managed by an advertising company. It has been hard breaking the Chrome habit. But this browser theme for Firefox makes it look exactly like Chrome. I wasn't happy with the compact design for tabs and the bookmarks bar in Firefox. Now I have no excuse. I will switch.

Update: A trick that has helped me remember I want to switch is setting my Chrome homepage to the Firefox download page.
  • Nice summary of Fuelly with a list of things to do once you sign up. I bet interest increases directly with gas prices.
  • Google's take on YSlow--Yahoo's excellent website performance analyzer. Not as polished as YSlow, but looks promising and includes some analysis that YSlow doesn't cover such as CSS efficiency and image compression.
  • YSlow has a nice new design, and a new option for "Small Site or Blog" that doesn't grade based on clustered server settings.
  • "LeechBlock is a simple productivity tool designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. All you need to do is specify which sites to block and when to block them." I need this! This works much better than my bookmark hack.
  • Is there anything better than engravings of alchemists' laboratories?
  • "...future versions of Firefox plan on supporting the new W3C Geolocation Specification, which adds the native ability for Web sites to request, and you to optionally grant access to, your location." [via veen]
  • Firefox Add-on lets you click and drag any form field to resize. (Unfortunately, it doesn't remember your field size preference.)
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  • Open source remote desktop client for Windows RDC on Mac OS X. Handy if you need to manage Windows servers from Mac. I hear it's more stable than the official Microsoft RDC client for Macs.
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