Fascinated by this report that the recent earthquakes in California disrupted the atmosphere 13 hours before the quake. It’s the first I’ve heard of ionospheric anomalies before earthquakes.
  • Is there anything better than engravings of alchemists' laboratories?
  • "...future versions of Firefox plan on supporting the new W3C Geolocation Specification, which adds the native ability for Web sites to request, and you to optionally grant access to, your location." [via veen]
  • a hyperlocal blog/news aggregator headed by Steven Johnson [via kottke], with some thoughts about the project from SBJ: Introducing
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As you know I'm a huge fan of hyperlocal info, and I'll be watching this closely. They have some interesting ideas (tying geography to posts rather than blogs), and I wonder how that will work practically. And how will this scale without an army of editors? How is a blog chosen for inclusion? How do they plan to deal with spam? How do you weed out posts that have nothing to do with the locality (is it solely keyword/category sifting)? Do they plan to ask weblog authors to include metadata with each post? I have dozens of questions for them about hurdles I've run into running a local community aggregator.
  • Mobile photography software from Yahoo. The auto-tagging is clumsy, but the tag-suggestion based on location looks nice.
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  • Types of players in old-school MUDs--translates well to web application users.
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  • Project Gutenberg: "This volume is a narrative of Scott's Last Expedition from its departure from England in 1910 to its return to New Zealand in 1913."
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