Robin Rendle
But really the baseline of web design is so low because there’s a lack of tenderness, care, and empathy. It’s because we don’t see the making of a website as a worthy profession. It’s because we hope to squeeze the last bit of juice from the orange by mulching people in between modals and pop ups and cookie banners.
Harsh but fair. I don’t think this will improve as people expect automation to handle web design in the near future. Web development is a human process.
The disintegration of the Pac-12 has been an entirely avoidable tragedy brought on by the craven machinations of people who, it can only be assumed, do not love college sports very much at all.
This. A few TV execs maximizing ad revenue and a handful of administrators who must be under pressure to maximize football profits are making terrible decisions.

Update (9/8): OSU and WSU sue to stop schools who chose to leave from voting on the future of the conference.
New York Times
“It would be almost like if someone was doing a speech to kindergartners and they talked about the Holocaust and the horrors of the Holocaust,” she said, adding that the district had used the episode to remind its principals that all instructional resources, including guest speakers, must be “thoroughly vetted.”
Ridiculous levels of hatred. Like this author, none of us should change reasonable behavior to appease bigotry. As always, please register to vote and then vote for people who care about making life better for other people.
The star’s comments come amid a wave of anti-trans legislation in the U.S., specifically targeted at restricting gender-affirming care for trans youth. While right-wing politicians claim that the risks of this kind of care do not outweigh the benefits, peer-reviewed research disagrees. Multiple studies show that gender-affirming care reduces the rates of depression and suicidality among transgender kids.
Guys like Carlos Santana think they're taking a lone wolf stand but they're really just joining an angry mob. If you're raising yourself up by dumping on vulnerable people you're on the wrong side.
A Georgia school board has voted to fire a teacher after officials said she improperly read a book on gender fluidity to her fifth grade class.
Like this teacher, we should all resist this bigotry any way we can. As always, please register to vote and then vote for people who care about other people.
West Virginians, trapped in the clutches of economic hardship, find themselves mercilessly shackled to a state most can ill afford to abandon, left to suffer the full weight of the WVU administration’s harrowing decisions. We will learn only subjects aligned with the preferences of the rich, driven by their financial motivations.
I work for an R1 land grant university and I like to think those designations help keep the university on track. Seeing WVU make students pay the price for poor leadership is sobering.
The most popular alternative social-media site that respondents mentioned opening accounts with was the free, open-source software platform Mastodon.
4 out of 5 scientists agree, mastodon is ok.
Statement from Brewster Kahle, digital librarian of the Internet Archive: “When people want to listen to music they go to Spotify. When people want to study sound recordings as they were originally created, they go to libraries like the Internet Archive. Both are needed. There shouldn’t be conflict here.”
Argh, still mad about this. Scratchy 78s are not competition for Sony or Universal. These companies should be helping the Internet Archive preserve music.
The incomparability between the Trump and Biden “scandals” is almost too obvious to mention, but not mentioning it in a story about the Hunter Biden case is journalistically criminal. I’d recommend something like “Despite attempts by Republicans to liken the legal perils faced by Trump and Biden, Trump faces a slew of incredibly serious criminal charges including for conspiring to steal a presidential election; Biden has been credibly accused of nothing.”
Both sides journalism has become a parody of itself. What was once a way to maintain objectivity is now an offensive way journalists appease media owners and mislead everyone else.
Traditional and cable media deals negotiated by the Big Ten and the Big 12 conferences offered the five schools – University of Oregon, University of Washington, University of Utah, University of Arizona and Arizona State University – more guaranteed revenue than the Pac-12 could negotiate. It was simply a matter of money.
Incredible work, Ducks.
Ars Technica
Starting in October, the ad-free tier of Disney+ will rise from $11 to $14 a month, while ad-free Hulu will increase from $14 to $18 a month.
Must be to offset the money they’re suddenly paying to writers and actors now. (Sarcasm)
The labels' lawsuit filed in a federal court in Manhattan said the Archive's "Great 78 Project" functions as an "illegal record store" for songs by musicians including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and Billie Holiday.
Yes, because everyone today signs up for streaming services to listen to old 78s and if this history project is online it means no one will sign up for streaming. WTAF? These companies think they can lock up all of our history and culture behind a paywall. This makes me want to never buy anything from these music companies again.
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