Speaking of fonts, Inter is nice. In fact, if you're reading this at my website you're reading this text in Inter right now.
This is a free typeface for developers that looks niiiiice. Consolas is my preferred font for programming but I will give JetBrains Mono a try. Similarly, I'm enjoying the Dracula color theme in console windows and VSCode. It's similar to my usual preferred theme Solarized (dark), but sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and try a new font and color theme, you know?
UnderConsideration LLC UnderConsideration
image from UnderConsideration LLC
I love the Paris summer olympics logo and type design. I’m a pushover for deco inspired type. Even though I know it’s the Mini Cooper move of forming fonts it always strikes me as hopeful future. And compared with some of the goofy Olympic logos of the past, this one is playful and clever.
nationalparktypeface.com nationalparktypeface.com
This is a fun font based on physical router templates that the national forest service uses to carve wooden signs. The great discussion at MetaFilter has some more context and also pointed to the similarly inspired Routed Gothic.
photo of a stained glass window with the word architectura in the center
BC Parliament Glass
guitar F
pool balls
image from
This post by Arun Venkatesan discusses why companies are designing custom—though very similar—typefaces. It's also a quick history of digital typography. [via Tecznts]

Font of Inspiration


Aaron Draplin at the OSU Brand Symposium showing the inspiration for his DDC Hardware typeface. The onfocus title up there is DDC Hardware.

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