Reminded of this saying by the way right wing media frames every minor complaint as an existential threat and asks, "why aren't people acting violently about this right now?" knowing a portion of their audience will make it happen and they'll never face consequences.
  • Buster Benson put together this concise way to think about cognitive biases by grouping them into four big problems our brains have evolved to deal with. There's a lot to think about (potentially systemically irrationally) here.
  • Visualize the most viewed wikipedia articles, or compare the views of different articles. Here's more information about the launch from Jeff Veen: Announcing Wikirank.
  • "I've always thought their status updates design was brilliant. Not because it was usable or attractive, I've always thought it was terrible. But because their design didn’t make promises they couldn’t keep." Painful and true advice: make sure you can deliver what you promise through design. [via rc3]
  • "The pupil measurements showed that 3-year-olds neither plan for the future nor live completely in the present. Instead, they call up the past as they need it."
  • you can get the best of the web at mathowie's community blog (excepting pancakes)
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  • "To investigate more formally, I purchased some time on a computer cluster and downloaded a copy of the Wikipedia archives. I wrote a little program to go through each edit and count how much of it remained in the latest version..."
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