the hip show was good. here's the set list from last night's show. one of the highlights for me was hearing the last of the unplucked gems:
When the mystique varies thus
You can send a man to bury us
It's hard to say, it's sad but true
I'm kinda dumb and so are you
There's something great about a room full of people singing that lyric. It reminds me seeing Beck, with everyone singing: I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me. I hadn't heard them sing this one live since that first show. Nautical Disaster was great, as usual. It was another great moment listening to the lyrics while people threw their hands in the air and jumped up and down. He was singing:
One afternoon, four thousand men died in the water, here. And five hundred more were thrashing madly, as parasites might in your blood.
I could imagine the people in the audience as if they were in water. I wish Gord's mike would have been louder so everyone could hear his stream of consciousness words + singing at quiet moments of the song or in between songs. And I think my friends and I were the only non-Canadians there.
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