So I was sitting around the house tonight with some friends watching Fritz Lang's movie M (from 1931). Suddenly, a little girl rode into a scene on what appeared to be a razor scooter. That's right, a little girl in Germany in the early 1930's on the latest breakthrough in skate technology - a razor scooter! We stopped the film and backed it up. Yep, we were seeing it right: steel frame, 2 small wheels, handle to steer. Kinda makes this lawsuit seem silly. (I think that's what they call prior art.) If only the scooter in M had a brake on the rear wheel, it could be worth $10,000.

scooter in M

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That's great, Paul! Too funny. Thanks for grabbing the screen shot. Looks like she just ordered it from eToys.
(I like having friends who sit around watching German expressionist film in their leisure time. Have you seen Shadow of the Vampire yet? Wanna go?)
Nope, I haven't seen that one looks great. I'd like to see Nosferatu all the way through before I see that one, though.
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