Une semaine de bonté

I picked up an amazing book the other day, Une semaine de bonté by Max Ernst. He takes pieces of Victorian engravings which all have a similar look and reassembles them into surreal images. It's split into several sections, and each has a loose theme. Before each section are a few quotes from other surrealists. This is my favorite: "Enter he said and there was light no one had knocked." - Tristan Tzara.

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Actually, Tzara was a Dadaist (i'm only being picky since i've taken a trillion courses involving Dadaism.) Here's a great site with a number of Dada publications: http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/dada/collection.htm
oops. you're right. maybe I should have said "contemporaries" or "like-minded artists". ;) surrealism sprung from the lobster eyebrow ashes of dadadada, after all.
it's one of my favorite books, actually. and i tend to xerox pages and collage them together for giftwrap...
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