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I'm going to miss not going to sxsw music this year. I've been going for quite a while. Every year I see some amazing shows and hang out with geographically dispersed friends. Here are some of my favorite shows that I experienced through the years:
  • George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars at Austin Music Hall '95 - Amazing. It seems like every musician in Austin for SXSW joined the P-Funk on stage that night. I remember that Chuck D and The Fugees were really good. And the love. I remember the love.
  • Soul Coughing at Austin Music Hall '97 - At the end of the show, M. Doughty said, Goodnight People of Austin and Jaded Music Industry F***s Alike. At one point the guitar tech came out on stange buck naked when he handed Doughty a new guitar. It just seemed to capture the spirit of the whole thing somehow. Oh, and the music was great as always.
  • Tragically Hip at Liberty Lunch '94 - Gordon Downie was constantly creating automatic poetry between and during songs...pacing back and forth onstage.
  • Gomez at La Zona Rosa '00 - You just have to see these guys live.
  • Propellerheads at La Zona Rosa '98 - Super plus electronic fun. Who knew two guys with turntables, drums, and a bass could put out so much energy?
  • Buffalo Daughter at Liberty Lunch '98 - This was a retro techno rockshow. They have a great groove, and I felt like I was hearing something completely new. Or something I've always heard in a new way.
  • Posies at Waterloo Brewing Co. '95 - Because I like the Posies and the beer at Waterloo.
Each year I discovered at least one great band that became a personal favorite. Ahh well, there will be others.
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I'm proud to say that I attended four of these seven shows with pb. "Let's give it on up for Jellybean!" pb, I can't believe you left off the "rusty old Ford truck band." Seriously, no Tina shows make the list?
yeah, we saw Tina and the B-Side Movement quite a few times in Austin.

I'm surpised I didn't mention any of her shows either. They were all great.
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