This picture is amazing. But the picture itself isn't as amazing as the event. Over 2,000 people took off their clothes to contribute to Spencer Tunik's photography. For some puritanical reason, I don't think you'd get the same turnout in the US. In fact, there are probably laws against it. You can see some similar work he's done in the states here.

The question this forces me to ask myself: Would I take my clothes off in downtown Montreal if everyone else was doing it?

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I had the same question in mind. I probably would take off my clothes, I expect the atmosphere for the event to be joyous and a bit ironical, so everyone should be very at ease. And what the picture doesn't convey, and that you can only imagine, is that all of those strangers, lying naked downtown Montreal, are probably happily chatting, some might be making friendships, everyone pretty much having a good time. It's not just a great picture: it's a social happening.
Yeah, I'd get naked.

But pb, they did do this in the U.S. All over the U.S. in fact. He got some grief from our mayor Giuliani here in New York, but they even did it on a smaller scale in the Big Apple, too.
I saw some of his stuff in the US, but it was in much smaller groups, 50-100. I guess I just have trouble imagining 2,000 people in New York or Atlanta or Boston taking off their clothes. San Francisco, however, is another story...
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