Car camping is that species of camping where you can drive your car right up to your campsite. You don't have to carry all of your gear on your back, so you can bring along such heavy items as:
  • several coolers filled with your favorite food and drink.
  • chairs. (on this last trip preston brought along a collapsable couch we dubbed the 5th man.)
  • a big stove.
  • water.
Unfortunately, car camping also means you can bring along:
  • your diesel truck. (so at 5:30am you can rev it up for 45 minutes before you leave.)
  • car stereos.
  • a chainsaw for cutting up lots and lots of firewood. (lots.)
  • your ATV for traveling between campsites. (apparently if you car camp you're too lazy to walk.)
  • a hammer for pounding abalone for hours upon hours.
If you're going car camping - especially on memorial day weekend - don't forget this lightweight item like I did: earplugs.

From now on, I'm all about the backpacking. (But man that 5th man was comfy!)

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Funny you mentioned this. My girlfriend and I only car camp and it's because we're not quite experienced enough to backpack, yet. Anyway, we were talking with one of her neighbors and the neighbor mentioned how no one seems to have any camping ettiquette (sp?) anymore. Case in point, My girlfriend and I go camping on New Years Eve 2000 and get woken up at 3:30 in morning by cops, rangers, an ambulance, fire truck and a helicopter. We're both thinking it's the end of the world. Unfortunately, the cause of all the commotion was that some campers down the road from us got into a fight, beat up one of their own, left him in his car and left. When they had reached the bottom of the mountain, they had an attack of conscience and called 911 to report that their friend was unconscious up the mountain. Talk about crazy.
yikes! That sounds much worse than loud trucks and chainsaws. I think another key to car camping may be avoiding holiday weekends.
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