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Bill Moyers quoting Tony Kushner: "There are moments in history when the fabric of everyday life unravels, and there is this unstable dynamism that allows for incredible social change in short periods of time. People and the world they're living in can be utterly transformed, either for the good or the bad, or some mixture of the two." In this essay by Moyers, he's cautiously hopeful now is a time for positive change toward more democracy for America. It's a great piece of writing. [via Metafilter] It reminds me of a song I was thinking about earlier today. Democracy by Leonard Cohen. Goes like this:
It's coming from the sorrow on the street
The holy places where the races meet
From the homicidal bitchin'
That goes down in every kitchen
To determine who will serve and who will eat
From the wells of disappointment
Where the women kneel to pray
For the grace of God in the desert here
And the desert far away
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.
All of the lyrics. But the point is, check out the Moyers article. It's inspiring.

Happy H. You might want to listen to some disturbing William S. Burroughs spoken word to get into the eerie spirit of the day. Like the real audio file available on this page. Or you might not. Update: Found even more WSB audio files.

Also this weekend: Mulholland Drive. Or was it a dream?

ya se fue! ya se fue! o-zo-mat-li!

Saw Ozomatli at the Fillmore last night. It was incredible. Moments of the show were pure ecstatic energy. (For more sound samples, check out their media page.) I've been walking around today with a smile on my face. I'm reminded again how powerful music can be. There is hope. Check out matt's take.

Went to see the traveling version of the MountainFilm festival in Santa Rosa last night. Saw some great independent environmental/outdoor sports films. One was a crazy short film of a guy riding a unicycle along cliffs, deck railings, building edges, and any other dangerous place you can imagine. Evidently it's cut from a longer film called New World Disorder. They didn't have any video clips of the unicycle stuff on their site. But they had this picture. Crazy. Update: His name is Kris Holm, and I found a video clip of him in action.

I've updated my resume again. New format! If you're looking for web/database development, (and who is these days?), let's talk. And this time I have an objective statement.

The cat on my monitor

"What was and what may be lie, like children whose faces we cannot see, in the arms of silence. All we ever have is here, now." - Ursula K. Le Guin

I've been very busy with Perl, 802.11b, and Final Cut Pro. Not necessarily in that order. What does all of that add up to? Not sure. I'll get back to you. But I haven't been feeling webloggy lately. I should be back in the blogroove soon. Until then, check out the links and words at two of my favorite weblogs: Spin of the Day and Consistently great stuff.

Would you like me to help you store, manage, and access data? That's what I do. It sounds dry, but it's very exciting work. Everyone has data they need to store, manage, and access (especially via the web). Let me know. Thanks.

Can you tell I'm not in marketing?

A web project I've been involved with on and off for the past six months went live today. My contributions were mostly behind the scenes: storing, accessing, and managing data. It's nice to see it all come together like this.

Are you interested in the history of civil engineering? Of course you are! Check it out.

yeah, yum.

Congratulations Matt and Kay! And Happy Birthday Kay! So much to celebrate and so little time. (And Happy Birthday Matt [in advance]!)

He's right. Excellent, excellent food. I didn't think I'd be saying such good things about someplace on the dark side (Napa Valley, CA) but, yeah, there it is. Visit Sonoma County too. :)

I'd just like to say (because I can) that when people are no longer able to criticize their government, they are experiencing a totalitarian government. I might not agree with dissenting opinions, but I believe in free speech.