Isn't this weird?


There's a mushroom growing in one of our houseplants. I won't be eating it. Any mycologists out there who can tell me what kind this is? And how it got in my house?

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Ooh! I love it when that happens!

I get little tiny 'shrooms in some of my plants (which surprises me here in Colorado), but that thing is a monster!
You probably brought some spores in from one of your outdoor adventures.

Mushrooms creep me out.
I bet you're right, jjg. There are quite a few more mushrooms on the trails this time of year. They wig me out, too. I try to avoid them in my food.
That looks like a p. cyanacens but it probably isn't.
Virtually all plants are symbiotic with fungi - even house plants. This is a special "flowering" or "fruiting" of one of the kinds of fungi in the potting soil.
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