I might be interested in the Olympics if I could get an alternative view of them. I'd love to see some of the athletes keeping a daily weblog; describing the events from their unique perspective and posting pictures. While I was flipping channels the other night, I saw that some of the people marching in the Parade of Participating Nations had camcorders. They should be posting that footage on the web.

But the IOC has strict rules about who can say what. It's against the IOC rules for an athlete to write anything about the games while they're happening. Only NBC can decide how people will view the event. And it's a sappy, painful view.

If I was NBC, I'd capture the personality of the Olympics by distributing camcorders to as many participating people possible and let them film whatever they want. I'm sure it wouldn't be professional, but I'd rather watch personal, amateur footage instead of those over-produced packages. And the athletes should interview each other.

I'm sure the Olympics are a real event...not just a TV event. And it's the event without scripts that would be emotional.

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I know this isn't the same as hearing firsthand accounts from the athletes, but Brian May (www.b-may.com) is keeping a weblog of his experiences managing the speed skating venue in Salt Lake. (link from stating the obvious)
I'm surprised NBC didn't go with your suggestion pb, given that last year was the year of reality tv. I do wish the IOC would lighten up on people covering the event.
It seems that NBC feels it is getting the "real" story when they produce small (as you mentioned sappy) segments about certain athletes, when this really isn't completely fitting. I think if nothing else, it would be nice to get another source for Olympic coverage. But that would probably be manhandled by someone who would model their coverage after NBC.
I like your idea, but for now I would be happy to get at least _some_ live coverage on NBC. Time delay for sports just suck beyond description.
jim mckay is just too sincere, and he's beginning to look a little like one of those animated raisins that used to be in commercials. but i watch some of it anyway. my mother used to love to watch the skating, so now the olympics always reminds me of her....
Are you kidding? Katie Couric has a pin trading report every morning! She even had a booth I think (which may or may not have been sponsored by Coke). What captures the personal Olympic experience more than pin trading with Katie Couric and Coca-Cola?
I think their biggest concerns are (a) material covered in non-broadcast media doesn't benefit their advertisers/sponsors, and even worse, (b) athletes will try to slip in promos for other companies (product placements, etc.)

A nightmare to enforce. Stupid, but a consistent extension of the economics.
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