I can always tell I'm about to see a Flash widget because my laptop starts a high whine. I usually click a link, hear the whine, then see the Flash. The annoying high pitch sound continues until I leave the page. I imagine my new laptop doesn't like it. "Whaaaaaa! Flash. Whaaaaa...," it's saying. "ok, ok, shut up!" I say then click away. It's a fairly new Dell. Maybe Dell has something against Flash.
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i know what Flash is, but what is a Flash widget? odly enough, i'm featuring a flash file on my blog today for by bro-in-laws bday, http://homepage.mac.com/rogde/speed.html, he tends to drive too fast, is this a Flash widget?
ha! nice work. Yes, exactly, that is what I would call a Flash widget. Any Flash on a webpage. My computer was whining as usual, but once it started the the car sounds drowned it out.
Not the the, as in the band The The. the the as in, I just typed a typo the the.
sound driver problem, dude. look for an upgrade.
but the whine isn't coming from the speakers, it's coming from *inside somewhere*.
Have you tried defragging the hard drive or deleting Flash, defragging, and reinstalling Flash? It could be your hard drive complaining.
Thanks for the tips. I didn't mean for this to become a support forum. But while we're at, maybe I can get some help with some programming problems...anyone know how to sort a multi-dimensional array? (just kidding.)
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