Google Smackdown

I stayed up past my bedtime playing with the new Google API. The result? Google Smackdown!

Two words or phrases go head-to-head to see which reigns supreme on the Web. Perhaps you're wondering who is more popular: Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin? Which German Philosopher has web cred: Nietzsche or Hegel? Do people really say touch wood instead of knock on wood? There's only one way to find the answers: a G-Smack.
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A very neat little tool. Rockin'.
theres no way you're going to stay under 500 smackdowns a day... This is too great...

in recent news... cgi beats out php (75 mil to 60 mil), oral is preached more than anal (8 mil vs 7 mil) and alicebot is more popular than smarterchild (20k vs 3k)

Good luck keeping below your limit... you'll need it.
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