Ev speaks the truth. In early 1998 I wrote a paper for a class I was taking at the University of Nebraska, Anthropology 472: Belief Systems in Anthropological Perspective. The paper was about the emerging group of Y2K survivalists and how their behavior and beliefs mirrored classic millennial religious movements throughout history—with a new technological twist. It had lots of quotes from mid-90's Wired visionaries mixed with quotes from Anthony Wallace. I posted the paper to the 1998 incarnation of this site, because, I figured, why not? Ev was at O'Reilly in Sebastopol, California and sent the link to skp (who was close to drawing up plans for stockpiling food and moving to the desert to avoid the inevitable catastrophe). She had some questions about the paper and we started emailing and ICQing. Fast forward to 2002, marriage. Is there anything that can bring two people together like apocalyptic visions of the future shared over the Internet? I doubt it. Thanks, Ev! (I got an A-minus on the paper...not enough attention to the role charismatic leaders play in millennial movements.)
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