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I'm playing around with Movable Type's new TrackBack feature by plugging it into my comments system. If you maintain your site with Movable Type you can include the following URL in your "URL(s) to ping" while posting:

Once you've posted and it pings my site, the title, permalink, and an excerpt of your post will appear as a comment on this post.

The ID in the URL above is my local system's ID of this post. (I'm not using Movable Type to maintain my weblog.) By changing the ID, you can comment both remotely and locally (at the same time!) on any post here. I'm trying to come up with some way to automate this process a little more. I can't really test this because I'm not using Movable Type to maintain any public blogs. If you try it out and it doesn't work, please let me know by leaving a comment here the old fashioned way. Thanks!

Do you think this would be a useful addition to existing weblog comment systems?
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Thanks for testing this out, Dan, I appreciate it! Looks like I need to add "..." to the end of the excerpt to let people know there's more to the post. Maybe even a [more] linked to the permalink for the post.
I agree, it looks like I forgot to complete my sentence ;) I think I'll change the default archive type to individual instead of monthly so the permalink is more meaningful. Right now people have to wade through the entire month.
How are you implementing this in ASP? I have not figured out exactly how the whole trackback thing works, but I would be interested in the code to see how you did it? If you dont mind that is.
The code is bound up with my comments code and it's a bit of a mess. All you need is a page that accepts some querystring variables and you can do whatever you want with them: put them in a db, write them to a flat file, or (in the case of my comments) insert them into an XML document. It's very simple to work with.
you are genius! later when i have time i'm gonna try to implement tb on my asp blog. did it take much coding?
Thanks, Joey! You're a little late to the party...but I'm glad you like it. Nah, it didn't take too much coding. You just need to get to know how trackbacks work. If you can handle web forms, you can handle trackbacks. Good luck!
hello again. just curious, what's keeping you from converting to mt? i used to use mt myself, and i admit it has plentiful features at your disposal. but i just like being able to mess with my own asp built blog system. i also got really annoyed with rebuilding templates and pages.
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