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Between the marketers and the government, I'm surprised we're not all using PGP to encrypt every email we send. (even the ones about where to eat lunch.) And blocking the ones that don't to cut down on spam. If sending encrypted email was socially acceptable, I think I would make the effort. Not because I have something to hide, but because I believe email should be a private way to communicate. Using PGP is like sealing an envelope. Though, unfortunately, not as easy yet.

AOL is working on building encryption into its enterprise version of AIM. I wonder if public encryption will be illegal by the time that feature is ready for release.
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Now there is a scary thought!

I think the problem is ignorance. Not that the public doesn't care
- -- but that they don't see the problem. Only once they see the
problem, will they seek a solution.

Your new PGP script is a step in the right direction.
I'm afraid you're right. And I'm guessing only some highly publicized flagrant abuses will get people thinking about why personal encryption is important. My feeling is, why wait? I'd like to see PGP so closely integrated with email software that it's just a part of the system, and people don't have to know how it works behind the scenes.
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