Happy New Year! I'm going to be launching a fun project in the new year called BlogFodder. It will be a daily email with an idea, phrase, poem, image, or question that could spark a weblog post. If you have a weblog and you have difficulty coming up with post ideas, BlogFodder is for you. If you just want to receive something different in your inbox, this could be for you too. Hopefully it will evolve as the year progresses, and your feedback and suggestions will help shape what it becomes.

I don't have the website or mailing list ready to go yet, but I'd like to start tomorrow so I can get in an email each day for 2003. If you'd like to sign up, go here and enter your email address. If you sign up now, there will still be a list signup process down the road when the site/list is officially ready to go. I'll announce it here when it's all set up. Thanks for checking it out—and I hope the daily BlogFodder will be an interesting new way to think about posts on your weblog.
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