Thanks to the discussions I've had around the TopicExchange project I mentioned, I've set up a site called I think having this devoted space will allow the site to grow and have new features over time. From the site:
"Most peace events don't make the news, so the peace movement needs to make its own news outlets. Weblogs and personal sites do a great job of covering these events, but it's not easy to find peace-related posts or photo galleries when they're spread across so many sites. That's where PeaceTrack hopes to help: finding specific posts about peace-related activities."
If you're writing about peace-related events in your weblog, or know about coverage of these events that exists, this site is a way to let others know about it. It's fully TrackBack-aware, so if you're using Movable Type you can set the URL in your peace/activism category and forget about it.
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