I don't work here. I'm a consultant.

Washington Post: For Broadcast Media, Patriotism Pays. Not too surprising, but big consulting firms are telling TV and radio stations not to cover anti-war positions.
"Get the following production pieces in the studio NOW:...Patriotic music that makes you cry, salute, get cold chills! Go for the emotion," advised McVay Media, a Cleveland-based consultant, in a "War Manual" memo to its station clients. "...Air the National Anthem at a specified time each day as long as the USA is at war."
Sounds like they're advocating propaganda. The experts say coverage that makes people feel good about the war is the way to boost ratings. Ratings are important, but what about telling the whole story? What about being involved in the community and providing a space for discussion and debate? I hope local TV and radio stations ignore the "experts" and serve their audiences by providing the whole truth.