OSCon Notes

I'm here at OSCon in Portland enjoying the wireless access. I just overheard a reporter talking on his cell phone with his editor (I presume) about how there's nothing "mind shattering" at the conference yet—and stories are hard to come by. He did say he was going to put together a story about the fact that Microsoft is buying lunch for everyone at the conference. You can't buy press like that. Oh wait...

This conference is quite a bit bigger than those I've regularly attended in the past: eTech, SXSW, etc. There are eight sessions or so going on in each time slot, and the trade show has around 25 vendors. I missed the sessions I wanted to see this morning, but I'm hoping to make up for it this afternoon. If you're here I'll probably see you at one or more of the following: It should be a mind shattering afternoon. ;)
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