sxsw or bust

I'm off to Austin for South by Southwest bright and early tomorrow with an evening arrival. I'm looking forward to lots of great geeky conversations and fun. South by Southwest was the first conference to devote a panel to weblogs (in 2000), and many early adopters and people who helped develop and spread the format in the early days have been attending ever since. (And lots of people who inspired me to work on the web were attending before I even realized there was an interactive side of the festival.) This year I counted eight panels that are specifically about weblogs, with lots of overlapping topics. It'll be great to talk with people I only see at sxsw, and hear about ideas, projects, and life in general in person. I always leave inspired.

I'm also going to be speaking on two panels. On Sunday, March 14th, I'll be discussing the rise of aggregation as a means of measuring popularity with Erik Benson and Cameron Marlow. And on Monday, I'm going to ask Wendy Seltzer and Peter Kennedy lots of questions about where weblogs and law intersect. My speaking schedule means I'm going to miss many panels I want to see, and I hope people share their notes again this year. If you're going to be at sxsw, I'll see you there!

(psst. If you're going to be at sxsw with a cell phone or mobile device that can take pictures, there's at least one group space to share them. And you can watch this page to see them.)
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