Some friends tipped us off about the OSU pet day last Saturday, and we took the dog there bright and early for their 5k pet run (more of a walk for us). The best part was the cacophony of barking when the run started:

Pet run starting line

Too bad I didn't have my camera recording sound.

The dog walking

The walk wound through the OSU campus, which is beautiful this time of year. Check out these gigantic rhododendrons that are blooming everywhere:

giant flowers

After the walk, we looked at the pet-related booths, and watched the expert border-collie frisbee masters. People were very curious about the dog, and she got way too much attention. Luckily we missed the big controversy that happened, but we heard the fireworks from another location. Apparently, the stadium expansion celebration people and the pet day people didn't coordinate very well—or maybe the stadium organizers thought that dogs love fireworks. Anyway, this bit of bad planning was the front page story in the paper on Sunday. Update: OSU Apologizes.
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