Tuesday Night at Powell's Tech - Blog!

I'm going to be participating in a panel discussion on Blogs, Bloggers, Blogging next Tuesday night at Powell's Tech in Portland. I'll probably talk a bit about my time at Blogger, a site I manage called ORblogs that aggregates Oregon weblogs, and what it means to write a blog for fun. Kevin Cosgrove from OregonLive will be there, and I'm looking forward to hearing about their use of weblogs on the site (they've been adding them like mad lately). I don't know Heather Gorgura, but her site mentions her studying alternative media and activism. The last I heard, Rael wasn't going to be able to make it—but I hope I'm wrong. The fun starts at 7:30, see ya there! (Here's the upcoming.org listing of the panel.) I believe this is going to be an open discussion, so the difference between panelist and audience member should be minimal. In other words, be ready to discuss weblogs.

Are you going? What would you like to discuss with this panel?
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Oh, I'll be there.
I'll be there. Wouldn't miss the opportunity to meet a few more Portland bloggers.
Cosgrove should be interesting. Be sure to ask why their blogs don't allow comments? And how much he isn't paying bloggers? Why he isn't blogging? Why their blogs (and their whole damn site) are so boring? And why big media orgs (like Advance/Newhouse/Oregonian/Oregon Live) can't figure out what to do with blogs.

Remind me again just why they invited this bozo anyway? Oh yes he's trying to recruit free bloggers.
hey martin, that's too harsh. I have my own ideas about blogging for an organization like the Oregonian or being independent, and I hope I get to talk about that a bit. You have some good questions there, but your tone is too confrontational and it sounds like you may have a personal grudge there. (why the anonymity?) I can't speak for Cosgrove, but to answer one of your questions I think some bloggers may jump at the chance to have a built-in audience for their writing. There are a lot of issues like these to discuss, and it helps to keep an open mind these things. Businesses have a lot of interests to keep in mind, and that definitely complicates where blogs fit into the picture--these aren't easy problems to solve.
I'll be there if I can get a babysitter! and I, for one OL blogger, was happy to get an audience that I expect will lead to future extraordinarily lucrative writing contracts ;) - then Kevin can expect me to pull out all the negotiation skills I learned in business school to renegotiate my "contract." And here I thought I was the un-boring blogger *sigh*.
Yes, yes pb you must be nice but you know and I know that Cosgrove is there for one reason and one reason only and that is to find a cheap source of content to make more money for his filthy rich Jersey bosses. I'm sure some fame-hungry bloggers will get sucked in by him but that's too bad. Cosgrove and OregonLive the enemy of blogs and blogging.

I'll be there! I'm very curious about OregonLive's take on blogs, and it will be great to meet current and potential bloggers.
looking forward to meeting everyone- even Martin.
While I do agree that the presentation of weblogs on Advance Internet's newspaper websites leaves something to be desired (in terms of design and functionality, I mean), I don't think it's fair to say that they are the enemy of blogs

Frankly, in terms of what's good for blogs and what isn't, my problem with Advance is that their newspaper websites tend to, well, suck in terms of usability. Plus the archives go into pay mode after, what, two weeks? Makes linking (the lifeblood of th Web) to their content useless after 14 days.
My only suggestion in terms of the "gift economy" approach of Advance's weblogs (in the sense that while their bloggers might be blogging for free, they are getting a certain kind of exposure in exchange) would be to arrange with the affiliated newspapers to include, at least weekly, a "what our affiliated bloggers are discussion" column, so they these writers who are not being paid for their work are brought to the attention of the print audience as well.
Wow; sorry I'm going to out of town for a nursing conference. Ah, well; ya'all will blog it and it'll almost like being there live!
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