Lone Netizen vs. The Media Industry

One of us talks with them: My Tuesday with the World Economy Forum. David Weinberger meets the music/movie industry:
First, these people are thrashing. They're floundering. They're desperate to find a way in which their organizations still add value. They are in denial but, it seemed to me, they know that there's just about nothing that the market wants from them. For example, at one point someone said, "Content is king." I replied that judging from the content they're producing, marketing is king; that's where their real value is.
Like David mentions partway through, it would have been great if he could have opened up a can of Cory Doctorow on the Digital Restriction Management-believing executives. Maybe he could have snuck Cory in somehow, or slipped a copy of Cory's DRM talk into the conference materials. ;)
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