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Just to cause trouble, I moved all of the RSS feeds at this site to new locations. So if you're reading this post through an RSS reader, this may be the last post you get. ok, I didn't just do it to cause trouble. I'm trying to squeeze all of the performance I can out of the server, so I'm rearranging things to be more efficient. I'm trying to do more page-generating rather than dynamic-serving, and I'd like the feeds to have cool URIs. I'll set up redirects for all of the old feeds, but I'm not sure how feed readers normally handle HTTP redirects.

Here's a list of the feeds available at their new locations—

onfocus weblog weblog bookwatch snapGallery Directory Let me know if you have any problems with the feeds. I ran each of these through the Feed Validator, and they all checked out so I'm hoping they're set.
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If you do 301's with files in the old spots, anyone with a good aggregator will pick up on it. Anyone with a bad one should take a friggin' hint.
In Bloglines, the images don't display inline. I think in my ten years feeds, I've always actually escaped the img src tag. So that it starts <img src...

That seems to work in every reader I've tested and I haven't gotten any complaints about it.
Thanks, Matt. It should be working now.
awesome, works now, though the photos look like thumbnails. :)
You can get the full images in a feed for nominal monthly subscription fee. ;)
pb, always the capitalist. :)
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