Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday sk and I went to Portland to hear Scott Andrew drop some folkpop on the Red and Black Cafe. It was good to hear an extended set of Scott's tunes, and it was great to witness the energy he pours into performing. (Scott's take: Tour Diary: Portland, OR, and Matt's photo: Red and Black Cafe.)

The TV reduction is going very well. We moved the TV out of the living room entirely, and we've rearranged the furniture. It's amazing how peaceful a room becomes without the dark, reflective screen sucking away the energy. I watched the McLaughlin Group on Friday night, but nothing since then.

Of course the election was the biggest topic of coversation with equally-stunned friends over the weekend. My strategy is to make positive changes here at home, and then I'll think about how they can be extended to the outside world. sk's strategy is to do more volunteer work in the community, and make a difference in some areas that will be affected by the election results.

I haven't taken any photos lately, but I need to get out with the camera while the fall colors are here.
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