MIT Tech Review on Amazon

MIT Technology Review has an article about Amazon Web Services up: Amazon: Giving Away the Store. I talked with the author—Wade Roush—a while back, and he mentioned some of my comments in the article. He provides a good overview of why Web Services are important for non-techies, and I really like Wade's summary of Amazon's Web Services/syndication strategy:
[Amazon] has, in essence, outsourced much of its R&D, and a growing portion of its actual sales, to an army of thousands of software developers, who apparently enjoy nothing more than finding creative new ways to give Web surfers access to Amazon merchandise—and earning a few bucks in the process. The result: a syndicate of mini-Amazons operating at very little cost to Amazon itself and capturing customers who might otherwise have gone elsewhere.
I mentioned something about Amazon's Web Services strategy being "almost frightening." I think that's becuase I've primarily worked at and with small companies. So when I see what's possible when a large organization decides to pour resources into a project, I'm impressed by what can be accomplished. It's funny to see comments I made in what I viewed as a conversation with someone end up in print, because the quotes feel out of context. (Though I don't think the quotes are distorted or misused here in any way.)
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