• Nice little Mac menubar app that gives you more control over your computer fans.
  • "Nike has discovered that there's a magic number for a Nike+ user: five. If someone uploads only a couple of runs to the site, they might just be trying it out. But once they hit five runs, they're massively more likely to keep running and uploading data. At five runs, they've gotten hooked on what their data tells them about themselves." [via blackbeltjones]
  • Bruce Sterling is taking over as editor of Cool Tools. Neat.
  • "Open, decentralized micropublishing." A distributed Twitter sounds fine, but don't we already have this in the form of "weblogs" and "newsreaders"--and without the 140 character restraint?!
  • Rafe on conflicting images of Iran. We're only getting one view of the country in our major media outlets, but the social Web provides a more nuanced, complete view.
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  • haha, let fate determine where you should eat! Jim put together a fun visualization of Yahoo! Local business entries.
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  • Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby are writing a book about designing REST web services.
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