Antique Radio Dials Redux

My dad has an impressive collection of antique radios. While I was there last week, I took a bunch of photos of the dials. I'm always amazed at the wide varieties of styles that used to exist because radios made today pretty much all look the same.

Radio Dials (click for more)
DeWald Radio Dial (click for more)
I love the fonts they used and wonder if they were standard or designed specifically for the radio. In their day, these boxes were high-technology for the home user.

When I took photos of the dials a couple years ago, I converted the images to black and white: Radio Dials. This time I have a better camera, and I think the colors turned out well in the photos.
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Great shots. My fave is the teska (? - testa?) What is that?
I think it says "Tesla" after Nikola Tesla--

My dad mentioned that it's a Czech shortwave radio that he bought from someone in Holland via eBay. I didn't catch the year it was made or the company that makes it.
Those are some absolutely gorgeous radios. The Fadas must be worth a small fortune; last time I saw one of those for sale, they were asking over a thousand dollars apiece. Beautiful photos, too.
Great photos
I need some photos of radio dial in line. To compose a poster of a play.
Could you help me
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